Eczema Stories: Chapter 10

My eczema started at the age of 7. Of course I was born with it, but the flare up was slow yet painful around that time. I was actually playing outside and cut myself on the arm. My mother cleaned it and everything but the next day i started scratching. She thought I might have gotten a ring worm, but we later found out (from many more flare up s on my arm and behind my knees) that it was eczema. My doctor told my mother to give me antibiotics that were prescribed from when i was a baby, but they didnt work. Eventually I got a prescription for the Topisolin cream. It worked for awhile but my flare ups were so bad i needed more. I started using aloe(directly from the plant) around the age of 13, on and off. It worked if i was consistent but im not a very consistent person (i get bored of a constant routine). So, I continued to suffer with it.

As any person suffering from this "disease" would do, I covered them up the best way i could. My neck stood out though, so i just let that be. When I was 14, however, my father had a long talk with me about my skin and how I cant hide it because its something I cant help. So I became more comfortable with my skin disorders (i have more btw) and decided to wear shorts again (which are great! except id have to shave my legs more lol).

Now that Im 15 I use my aloe again (whenever i get an aloe leaf) but my doctor has also prescribed another cream--Aquaphor. It really helps too. I actually saw some lightness in my skin after a week of usage. So, ill continue to use my aloe leaves and aquaphor and topisolin(even though ive been told not to mix the two. who cares). And by the time I get in 12th grade Ill be eczema free! Hopefully.

P.S: I have eczema on my: neck, wrist(curving around to the top of my hand), my joints (arm and legs), around my belly button, on my side, thighs, small part on my ankles, and in my ear.

In the beginning (which for me was in 2009) , I used aloe straight from the leaf as well. It did seem to help, so maybe I'll go back to that. I think I've seen them sold at Whole Foods in the produce section, so I'll have to check that out again! I would maybe think about listening to the doctors about nor mixing your two prescriptions together since chemicals can be really dangerous. I really hope your eczema goes away by senior year, though! Props to your dad for having that talk with you :-)

Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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