Ask The Allergista: Has propylene glycol ever made you feel "drugged"?


I emailed your friend today at Celiac and Allergy Adventures facebook site about a reaction I have today and she told me to go to you site.

I bought some Blue Menu Presidents Choice Italian salad dressing for the first time and after I ate my salad I felt like I had been drugged or almost drunk. So, I compared the ingredients to my old dressing and the only thing different was "Propylene Glycol".

Has anyone else told you of a reaction similar to mine from this additive?



She's so sweet. I love her. Everybody should go check out Celiac and Allergy Adventures.

I've never felt "drugged" or "drunk" from ingesting propylene glycol, but it has made me feel nauseous and given me headaches. I do know that a lot of people experience "brain fog" from their allergies. Perhaps this is some of what you were feeling?

Propylene glycol is very commonly found in salad dressings as well as a lot of other things.

Here's a list of some items which commonly contain PG.

Here's a list of specific food products that also contain PG.

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Hope this helps!


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