Womp, womp... Calendulis Cream is no longer the same!


You know that super awesome Calendulis Cream I've been suggesting for eczema?


Well.... I got an email from the owner of the shop that was carrying it, The Eczema Company

Calendulis cream now contains propylene glycol, methylparaben, polaximer, petrolatum, and other not-so-awesome chemicals and preservatives.


I do thank Jennifer Roberge very much though. She's the owner of  The Eczema Company and is very honest with her customers. She has now pulled the item from her store (which she is sad about).

This is the message she sent out:

I have just been notified by Homeopathie Quebec, the maker’s of Calendulis Cream, that in order to comply with current pharmaceutical rules and regulations they were forced to modify the base cream used in the manufacturing of the Calendulis cream. Sadly, the base is no longer what I consider to be natural and non-toxic. Although the cream still contains the same and very effective active ingredients, the new base is no longer exempt from certain chemical products and now includes methylparaben, propyln-glycol, polaximer and petrolatum, to name a few. The Calendulis Scalp Treatment has also be modified and preservatives have been added, but I am unaware of the exact changes I’m afraid.

Please rest assured, neither product contains any form of cortisone. This has remained unchanged. Only the base has changed – none of the active ingredients have changed.

In addition, this has nothing to do with the safety of the product. The propolis in the cream acted as a natural preservative, although it is not recognized as a preservative by governing bodies. Therefore, if you have any of the former formula still, you may use it without any concern.

Homeopathie Quebec has expressed their apologizes regarding these immediate changes. “We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences resulting from these modifications and we are currently working on another solution that would allow us to use the former base cream in the future.”

I know you have come to rely on this cream, as I have with my own son. So, although I must remove the Calendulis Cream and the Calendulis Scalp Treatment from The Eczema Company store effective immediately, since they no longer meet my natural and non-toxic criteria, I will make them available as long as I can for you to order in a different manner. If this is of interest to you, please let me know. I’m currently trying to work out the logistics of this and if it’s even possible. I am waiting on final confirmation from Homeopathie Quebec. I may create a Custom Cream option online for you to order knowing this is for the Calendulis Cream only or I may set up something through Paypal. I realize this is not ideal, but it’s the best I can offer at this time. I do hope that Homeopathie Quebec is able to come up with another method for manufacturing this cream so they are able to go back to the natural base we all love.

I am so sorry to bring you this news. I’m just as disheartened as you are – but I am hopeful this is a step the in right direction for the Calendulis products as Homeopathie Quebec is now working towards manufacturing a natural product on a larger scale and stepping away from the artisanal approach. This means all ingredients will be disclosed in the future, but it may mean some active and non-active ingredients will change again. As soon as I have more information regarding how long this process will take or about the ingredient changes, I will certainly let you know.

*Now, since you have an outstanding order, would you like me to ship your Calendulis item given the formula change or shall I provide you with a refund?

Thank you for your understanding. Please accept my apologies again about these very sudden, difficult changes.

Posted on December 10, 2013 and filed under Allergies, Eczema.