Confessions of an allergy blogger: Part II

It's been about 6 months since my last round of confessions... I'd say it's time for some more, eh? Here we go!


  • I have vampire teeth, but I'm cool with it. I like vampires.
  • My right eye opens wider than my left eye. It annoys me.
  • Sometimes I eat beef jerky for breakfast.
  • I got the second piercing in my left ear on the front steps of my high school.
  • I am in no way a morning person.
  • I sing in my car every time I’m by myself - and I don’t stop when people look at me. I think it’s fun :-)
  • In school, I was made fun of for my big hair and the cleft in my chin.
  • In junior high, I convinced my science lab partner, Robbie, to super glue his fingers together. He had to go to the nurse.
  • I don’t swim in the ocean because the things in there terrify me.
  • As a kid, I used to hang out at the local library by myself and get lost in books. I was there so often that the librarian asked me if I wanted to volunteer there. And I did.
  • I have three tattoos, but syringes freak me the **** out.
  • I like to glitter bomb my friends via greeting cards that I send them through the mail. glitter
  • I have a cubicle job in the financial industry. Would you have ever guessed that?
  • I wish the characters from Always Sunny were my friends. If I could afford it I would totally pay for Dee to attend my birthday party.
  • I tweeted her about it.

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