Nickel-free Guitar: Part III

The guitar is coming along, slowly but surely! :-) We've sent the cedar block of wood to be carved and are just waiting to get it back as well as the fret board.

In the meantime, we got a bunch of the nickel-free parts in the mail. They're made of a brass alloy and we even tested them with my nickel testing kit. They are indeed nickel-free! Yaaaaay.

I still haven't let myself get 100% excited about the guitar because there's always a chance that the parts won't actually be nickel-free. The strings will be the hardest part and we still have yet to get those.

One thing at a time, though!

Here's what we got in the mail:




We purchased all of these parts online at Armadillo Guitar. A big thank you to them for doing what they do!

I'm SO glad my hunny did all the research he did to find these nickel-free parts. We're a few steps closer to the guitar being complete!

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