Ask The Allergista: Which propylene glycol-free face cream and soap do you use?


I give up! Can you just tell me what facial moisturizer you use? Everywhere I've looked has PG or one of its buddies. I also need a nice face wash or even PG-free bar for the shower. Not worried about make up at this point, but my skin is already irritated because I'm withdrawal-ing from topical steroids, and now my Cetaphil facial lotion gives me a face and neck rash. Grrrrrrr!!

I don't mean to sound rude in this message. :) I actually am SO GRATEFUL for your blog. But I'm sure you know the frustrations of trying to find something. Oh, and to make it even more fun, I live in the boonies in Iowa so I would have to travel quite a ways to find a great "Whole Foods"-ish type of store. Online ordering shall be my new best friend!

Hope all is well with you!


Hi there!

Thank you for the kind words - that means a lot to me :-) I definitely understand the frustrations of trying to find products! Here's what I use:

I use Cerave cream for all of my moisturizing needs. Always use a CREAM instead of a lotion. Cream is much thicker and really does the job. Before bed, I'll even use Cerave around my eyes and on my neck. It's great stuff. For soap, I use Dove's Gentle Exfoliating Bar (for face and body) and Dial's Gold Antibacterial Deodorant Soap (for under arms and feet).

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through topical steroid withdrawal :-( That's a really, really tough thing. If you're looking for somebody else dealing with TSW, I suggest you stop over at pinklikeabeacon, a blog written by somebody going through exactly what you're going though.

I hope this helps and that you have some improvement soon. Hang in there!


The Allergista