Allergy Stories: A Sister's Love Moves Mountains

Get ready folks, because this is an amazing one:

This is my brother's story. Misdiagnosed Bipolar. If it wasn't for mymedlab testing him for IgG responses, we would have never known all that he was allergic to.


Ernie's Story. - 08/2013.

About 4 months ago, Ernie took himself off of his medication. Said that we were trying to chemically alter his brain….. we we’re.. Even on medication, he still cycled… anger, mania.. depression.

After about a month of him not on meds… he was in a decline. I found a website where they make vitamins and minerals for bipolar/ mental people. He does just as well on them as he did the medication.

Then, about three months ago, my brother was doing well one day, stable mood….. that night I gave my brother a regular beef pot pie and an apple pot pie. In the morning, he was in a rage. Hated me, kill me…. On and on… I thought to myself…. “eeek that apple pot pie was too much sugar.” He was in that state of mind for 3 days.

I started searching the internet looking for sugar allergies and bipolar. What I found was a whole world about food intolerances and mental illnes. I learned about "Brain allergies" and functional or orthomolecular medicine doctors. These are doctors that try to figure out what system in your body is not working and try to correct the issue; not just give you a pill for the symptom. Allergies and food intolerances last in the body about 3 days.....

The story continues....

Four days later my brother was great mood. He told me that he was going to try his hardest not to blow up on me. That was going to be his focus… Amen…. Well, about two hours after that, I gave him two beef pot pies….not the apple one.

Within an hour, he was getting mad…. I started thinking….Oh no, he IS allergic to something in the pot pie… it isn’t the sugar. By 4 o’clock in the morning, my brother called me on the phone to tell me he hated me and my husband and he was going to kill me... RAGE….. My poor brother’s head was going to explode.. (My brother lives on my property in a trailer.)

I immediately went down to his trailer and told him my suspicions that he was allergic to something in the pot pie… I had to remind him that prior to eating the pot pie things were good. I literally put my life in danger by going into the trailer to give him two antihistamines. That was the only thing I knew to do? He took them, but not without him knocking them out of my hands first.

I left the trailer, and then left him alone. Poor guy. That day went by with him in a RAGE all day.

After the apple pie incident, I had already started looking into allergies and found that people can have Brain Allergies. Everything was how my brother was…. Could it be that all these years he has been allergic to things. (Rapid cycling… or eating the same thing that sets him off?)

The next day I found a doctor in Irvine, Ca, who is a MD and orthomolecular. Orthomolecular doctors try to figure out where the system is out of whack and heal it naturally. I called and told him that my brother was diagnosed as Bipolar, but I believe he has brain allergies and is having an allergic reaction and is in crisis. (If deputies would have came to my house, they would take him 5150. He was psychotic.)

The Doctor told me to have him drink ½ teaspoon of Baking Soda in glass of water, and that would knock it out of him. After an hour my brother was calmer… he got calmer and calmer.. Four hours later I called to thank the doctor and he advised me to give him another ½ teaspoon of Baking Soda.


When you are having an allergic reaction, your histamine levels go up. Then your PH becomes very acidic. The Baking Soda brings his body back to PH or at least tries.

I kept my brother off of most food. Anything that came in a package was out.. He was having juice smoothies, watermelon, potatoes… By the end of a week, he was the most normal person he had been in decades.

I had him allergy tested. IgE allergy testing is when someone has an immediate reaction. And that is the only thing the County would test him for. The test came back negative. They do not test for MSG.

I paid for him to have an IgG allergy test which looks for intolerances in food. This test was a simple finger prick at home. Sent it back to lab. Within 7 days, the results were on line.

Almonds, Bayleaf, Buckwheat, Canola, Capsicum, Casein (Milk protein in everything. All cheeses), Cocoa Dill, Eggplant, Halibut, Hazelnut, Lobster, Milk, Oats, Oregano, Rye, Sage, Sesame, Baker’s Yeast (Almost all bread).

Mental Illness comes from the stomach. I wish I would have known. Chemicals for the brain come from the small intestine: dopamine, serotonin… et cetera 1. When you eat something your body cannot digest because you don’t make the right enzyme, the food (or poison to your body) gets dumped into the small intestine.

2. The body starts to wage a war and creates antibodies.

3. These antibodies need amino acids and vitamins to fight the fight.

4. The antibodies get the amino acids and vitamins from throughout the body and brain.

5. Which leads your body and brain to become deficient.

6. Your small intestine becomes damaged and develop holes in it.

7. The holes become big enough to allow the small food toxins into the blood.

8. Sometimes these toxins cross the blood brain barrier… (like when a diabetic eats food and acts drunk.

9. Some foods make people hyper/manic and some food make depressed.. et cetera.

Allergies to Casein have been known to make people hyper ADD/Adhd… Oats, rye yeast… depressed. Gluten and Casein or whatever someone is allergic. Research says these two can act as opiods on the brain. That is exactly what they do to my brother. Off of the food he is great.

The IgG test was $325. The link to the site is below.

The brain allergy book came out in the 1970’s $325. 184 allergy From blood.

Dr Mark Hyman Functional medicine

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Dr mark hyman Alzheimer's

Dr. Oz

Lab testing for leaky gut Rotation diet

Veterinarian that had food intolerances ad now helps humans and pets. Awesome website....

There :-)

I was so blown away by this story. Mental illnesses coming from the stomach? Who knew! Wow. I just want to say that I think you're such a wonderful sister. After all of this, you haven't given up on your brother. That's amazing. I can't even find the words to describe exactly how mind boggling it is to read about the journey it took to come to the solution. It's unreal. Bravo, sister, BRAVO!  I think it would be a great idea for me to look into the whole orthomolecular doctor thing... And thank you for all of the helpful links! Overall: wow.



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