My new eyeshadow

When I made my trip to Walgreens last week, one of the things I was looking for was eye shadow. I usually use mineral eyeshadows. They don't typically seem to have propylene glycol, hydrogenated oil, or sodium benzoate, which I'm allergic to. This time, I could not find any of them ANYWHERE. I guess it was a trend? Ugh. One of the employees saw me walking up and down the makeup wall a  zillion times and asked me if I needed help. She tried her best, but couldn't find any either.

So, I began the annoying task of reading the back of every single eye shadow I liked. What sucks is that a lot of them don't even list the ingredients on the packaging!! And there was no list available in the store.

I like the eye shadow palettes that come with several different shades so you can add more "pop" to your eyes.

After much searching, I managed to find something by Maybelline :-)


With the holidays coming up, the extra shimmer is definitely do-able.


Pretty, right? For my eye shadow staples, I like to have something that's gray/black based and something that's brownish so I have something for every outfit.

I snapped the ingredients for you as well ;-) There are a LOT: