The ingredient changing game

Sooo..... every now and then I have to switch up my hair and body products. Not because I want to, necessarily, but because they change the ingredients up on me. There's never any warning either - no "new formula" sticker on the packaging or anything. The lesson to learn here is that it's very important to always check the ingredients on your products - even if you're buying the same exact product you always buy.

Take my conditioner for example...

I used to use this Tresemme conditioner:



I went to Walgreens, as usual, picked up a bottle and made sure to check the ingredients. They've now added Dipropylene Glycol. Womp, womp. The same thing actually happened with my Dove soap bar.

The rule about propylene glycol allergy is this: if there are any extra words or letters before or after  "propylene glycol", you need to avoid it. If there are extra words  or letters in between "propylene" and "glycol", no worries (unless you're allergic to that chemical as well, of course).

Propylene glycol is in a LOT of shampoos and conditioners and it's hidden in botanical extracts as well, so I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find anything else.

I DID, though!

I introduce you to Vidal Sassoon's VS Moisture:



I'm SO glad I found it :-)

Remember - always check your ingredient labels!