Taking Risks

After finding out what my many allergens are.... the long road to figuring out how to avoid everything began. After three years, my progress has come leaps and bounds and my skin is usually 95% clear. Allergies can come and go, though. And this means that every now and then, I like to test things out to see if anything has changed. I've still never been brave enough to test out propylene glycol because my skin improved so drastically when I cut that out of my life. I do love fashion, though, and I love being able to not have to worry about the plastic or leather surfaces I'm touching.

So, with that said... I took a few chances recently.

For my 30th birthday, my high school bestie gave me a beautiful Badgley Mischka purse:


She just recently had her first-ever baby shower (aw yeah!) and I wanted to step up my purse game a notch. I'd been avoiding using this purse because my patch test allergist told me to stay away from leather and there are some metal parts on this purse (I'm highly allergic to nickel). I blast through my nickel testing kits pretty fast and just haven't bought a new one yet. But "screw it", I thought. I want to wear this purse! It's insanely soft and popped against the black dress I was wearing.

Of course, after carrying it around for just one day - I couldn't stop! I kept on for about 5 or so days.... and my right elbow (which rests against the purse when I carry it) started to break out in hives. I got a few bumps on my fingers as well.

Also, while I was at her baby shower, I wanted to get close enough to actually see all the presents she was opening. I immediately spotted the arm of the chair her mother was sitting in and plopped myself down on it. It was kinda uncomfortable, so I leaned back - putting my left elbow on the fake leather it was made of. Big mistake. The allergic reactions started the next day.

After applying a bunch of Calendulis Cream and giving it a number of days, my reactions are going away. And so has the purse *SIGH*. I still plan on testing the metal and if it does contain nickel, I'll paint those parts with clear nail polish. I plan on using this as my carry-on when I travel, though. That way, I'll only be touching it one day at a time. I'm not giving this purse up!!! It's too friggin soft and beautious.