Ask The Allergista: How do I treat my skin allergy?


I have blisters on the sides of my ring finger from a wooden ring.  Needless to say I don't wear the ring anymore, but it's been about a week & I still have them. What can I do to get rid of them?


It sounds like you may be allergic to the chemicals used to treat the wood... OR you could be allergic to the wood itself. I actually just heard a story the other day about somebody who's allergic to wood and wood dust. How awful, right?


I used to use a steroid ointment called Desoximetasone to clear my reactions, but after reading about all of the negative effects (thinning skin, dependency, and more) I decided to start searching for something else. And I found it - Calendulis Cream! The Eczema Company makes it and it's literally the only thing that works for me other than steroid ointment and avoiding my allergens.

Here are some other tips as well:

  • only bathe / wash hands in cool or room temperature water
  • drink a lot of water
  • wash skin with a mild bar soap – no fragrances and no antibacterial soaps
  • no perfume on the area
  • but if your skin needs to dry out because your skin is oozey (possibly from scratching blisters), don’t slather any lotion or cream on it
  • wear cotton gloves while sleeping to cut down on scratching
  • stay out of pools and saunas
  • sleep / meditate
  • avoid excessive sun exposure

I hope this helps and that your skin clears up soon!


The Allergista