Nickel-free Guitar: Part II

Little by little the guitar is coming together! We're still ordering all the parts, but we got one of them in the mail. Check it out: gilmer_wood_fret_board

No, not my super gorgeous boyfriend - the giant block of wood he's holding!

Can you guess what it's for...?

The fret board!

That's the long piece of wood that the strings are on. This is a pretty big piece, so we'll be able to have more than one fret board cut or maybe some other additional pieces as well.


The guitar is going to look minimal from the front. The knobs will actually be on the back and there won't be quite as much hardware on the front as there usually is. This will really showcase the wood, which we're going to stain blood red. Red is my faaav color.  And black. Red & black is my ultra fav color combo. Black & white follows very closely behind, but I bet you couldn't tell that from my logo or anything ;-)

The block of wood is West African ebony from Gilmer Wood Company. Isn't it beautiful? Not only is it beautiful, but it also ties into my neck tattoo which is a West African symbol - the eban.


It represents love, safety, and security - 3 things I definitely want in my life. I did a LOT of research and cross referencing before having my friend, Graf-hick, tattoo it on me. And by the way, I got all of my tats before my allergies developed, thankfully. If you're in Chicagoland, hit him up and maybe he can hook you up with a sweet tattoo.

The guitar will go along with one of the most awesome surprise presents my hunny bought me:


A limited edition Shure Super 55 microphone! Not very many of the red and black combo were made, so it's extra special :-)

Maybe once the guitar is done and I buy this.... thing I need which will allow me to record right into my computer (I don't know what it's called, but my genius music producer boyfriend does)... maybe I'll play you guys a little song. I also have to completely re-learn how to play guitar since it's been a few years since my lessons. One thing at a time, right?

Stay tuned for more nickel-free guitar progress.

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