Eczema Stories: Chapter 7

This month, all of the stories I've shared were exclusively about eczema.  Why, you ask? Because October is National Eczema Month!

And I bestow upon you - chapter 7:

I don't remember having eczema when I was little. It crept up on me when I was around 8 years old I think. Im,Asian and have brown skin, and normally people would comment on how pretty it is, but when you have excema on Brown skin, it turns this disgusting black burnt colour, not red like people with fair skin. The itching increased and by the time I'm 13 I cover myself completely, even on the wrists with bracelets. It's honestly the worst thing ever and it makes me cry a lot. I feel ugly and my clothes get ruined cus of stains, and I feel like my medicine makes me smell as well. People say I have an awesome personality and I have a lot of friends, but whenever they see my eczema they have this disgusted look on their face and it's the absolute worst. I hate it.

Reading stories like this breaks my heart... I know exactly how you feel. Since I have the allergic type of eczema  (allergic contact dermatitis), I was able to get tested for my allergens and now I work hard to avoid all of them. However, I will never forget what it felt like when my limbs were getting more and more covered by the oozing, itchy eczema.... I was really scared and I just wanted to hide...

As I was adjusting in the very beginning, I wore white gloves everywhere and one time a group of teenage girls laughed at me. I was too embarrassed to verbally fight back. I'm actually still building my confidence back up. It hasn't been easy.  Hang in there... and screw the people that give you disgusted looks. You have all of US now. *internet hug*


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