It's time for a shaving revolution!


Over the last couple of days, I've been writing a letter to send to all of the razor companies because my allergies leave me unable to use disposable razors. Yesterday, I began sending it out to the razor companies I know of:

I even reached out to Target since they have a generic line. Their contact form wouldn't work, so I tweeted them for an email address and they promptly replied with one :-) Thanks, Target!   Gilette's contact page wasn't working last night, so I tweeted them about it and am hoping to hear back soon. All I need is an email address to send this stinkin' letter to. Should be easy enough, right? Let's hope so. I had to shorten the letter I emailed to BIC through their site as they only allow a certain number of characters. I made it work, though.

The whole point of this letter is to reach out to the companies because me and the thousands of other people reading this blog have been searching, and wishing, and hoping for a disposable razor to be created which is free of nickel and that moisturizing strip which is full of chemicals. Us people with sensitive skin just can't deal with that stuff. And to be frank, I'm sick and friggin tired of using electric razors. They're fine and they work, but it's hardly convenient. It's time-consuming because you have to go over the same area a zillion times and it STILL never cuts as close as a regular razor.

Now... if none of the companies respond, I have another plan. It takes far more work than sending out a simple e-mail, so I'll try it this way first.

I'll let you know what and if they say anything!

Here's my letter:

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the thousands of people who read my blog every month. I’m “The Allergista”. A few years ago, I developed a long list of allergies which include common chemicals and also nickel. I react to nickel just like you react to poison ivy. Crazy, right? These allergies forced me to change my life in ways you can’t imagine.

Today, I’m bringing up the topic of razors. Many of my readers have my same allergies and are allergic to nickel (on the blades) and propylene glycol (on the strips), thus rendering all of the razors on the shelves useless. In fact, my second most popular post is titled “Did you know disposable razors are nickel laden?” While I’ve tried many disposable razors, I’ve never been able to find one that is “nickel-free”. Razors without moisturizing strips do exist, but the nickel problem is still present.

Currently, I use nickel-free electric razors, but nothing compares to being able to quickly shave your legs with a regular razor. Also… while electric razors do work, they just can’t cut as closely as a disposable and they end up missing hairs completely. It’s time consuming and frankly, annoying..

I’ve waxed, used epilators, dry electric razors, wet electric razors, and it’s just not the same.

So, I ask you: do you happen to have ANY disposable razors that are both nickel-free and moisturizing strip-free? If not, is there any way we can work together to come up with something? You would change SO many people’s daily routines - for the better. And you would make me SO very happy!

There is most definitely a niche of people looking for a TRUE sensitive skin razor - one free of nickel and a moisturizing strip. I call on your company, its people, and all its awesonemess - please give the people what they need!

Most Sincerely, The Allergista

UPDATE: This razor by Preserve finally fixed my problem!