When Allergies Turn Scary

jackolantern_the_allergista So, last night I had a little incident. It's happened before... probably about four times before my allergies exploded in 2010 and a few times since then.

Last night was nothing out of the norm, food-wise. I didn't have time to make a real meal, so I snacked on some stuff (the same things I've been eating for a while now) and I had a couple of beers. I did have some canned pineapple chunks in 100% pineapple juice... could there be nickel in the metal? The beers were the same exact beers I've been drinking for quite some time. I really only drink 3 kinds (Miller, Coors & some beer from a local brewery) due to the propylene glycol which can be found found in beer foam.


As we walked upstairs to get into bed for the night, I started to feel it coming on: like somebody was pushing down on my chest. I sat down in bed and my hunny and I chit-chatted for a few minutes. I didn't say anything to him yet because I was hoping it would go away. My allergies cause enough of a scene in general that I try to wait until I'm 100% sure something is wrong before I open my mouth.

I excused myself and went to grab a glass of water. This specific reaction only happens to me when I'm drinking. It's NEVER happened with beer before, though. And this was the good stuff from our local brewery. The brew master actually scoffed when asked if their beer had propylene glycol in it.

So, I came back upstairs, sat down, and after a minute of talking, my hunny looked at me and asked, "Are you ok?" To which I said no. It was getting worse and the tension was creeping up into my shoulders and head. I felt like I was burning up... my breathing was kinda labored and it just kept pressing on - until I had my hands up against my ears, eyes closed, and tears welling up in my eyes. The tears were there because the feeling was just so incredibly overwhelming. It's like being stuck inside a box that just keeps getting smaller.... and smaller.

...and my poor love just sat there staring at me the whole time - with his giant, deeper-than-deep blue eyes. I feel guilty, bad, and embarrassed when my allergies scare him like that. I said, "You know... if I fall over, you'll hear me. You don't have to keep watching." And he said, "I'd rather catch you before you fall." Awwwwww....

I realize my comment toward him makes me sounds like an ungrateful little snit, but between the embarrassment, guilt, and being in pain, that's unfortunately what I ended up saying. I apologized and explained myself to him, but he's awesome and he thankfully understood.

After drinking a glass and a half of water, it subsided and I dozed off to sleep and slept like a baby (per usual... I'm a hard sleeper).

I'm not sure why it happened last night. My body has been ok with alcohol since I figured out what did and didn't work for me... but I know better than anybody else that allergies can come and go. Maybe it's time for me to cut out alcohol 100%!

Has this ever happened to you??