Eczema, not an Acid Burn

In honor of October being Eczema Awareness Month, I bring you another Eczema story:

My son developed a severe case of eczema when he was three years old. It started as a rash on his body and some raw patches on his face around his mouth. Within days it looked like he had drank a cup of acid and let it pour down his chin. It was raw, red, and oozing. He seriously looked like a burn victim, and he cried whenever anything touched it. It was hard to take him out in public. People would just stare.

We took him to the dermatologist, and he was prescribed a steroid ointment. We gave him long soaks in oatmeal baths, then layered his prescription under a thick coat of Cerave cream. It took a few weeks, but his skin went back to normal.

Now to help keep it under control, I use dye free body soaps, and I add a little coconut oil to his bath to moisturize. Then I cover him in Cerave and let it soak in. With constant maintenance, we keep his outbreaks to a minimum.

Your poor son :-( I'm glad you found a way to keep it under control - phew! I've heard great stuff about coconut oil. Also, Cerave really is an awesome body cream. Love that stuff.