Is Organic Oil the Answer for Eczema?

My youngest daughter has always suffered from eczema. I used to have to wet bandage her little arms are they were so, so sore. They used to weep, crack and bleed. She was on such strong steroids as our GP had to keep increasing her prescription as they wasn't so effective after a while of using them. I was so concerned that her skin was thinning and all the chemicals going into her skin.Then, I became a tropic skin care ambassador and discovered the organic elixir oil. The main ingredient in the oil was from the moringa tree. I read articles calling it the miracle tree. I also heard that the oil was helping ladies with psoriasis on their scalp. And best of all, it contained no chemicals at all.

After a lot of thought I decided to try it on my 4 year old daughter. I massaged the oil into the area constantly throughout the day and The results were amazing. In just 1 week, the eczema had nearly gone and within 2 weeks, her skin was beautiful.

I had watched the oil work on a daily basis and it had dried up the rash from the inside out.

I continued to use every day for a month, but now only need to use it a couple of times a week. All steroids have been thrown in the bin. I only use the organic elixir oil on my daughter now, and her skin has never looked better.