Fav website of the month & 10% discount: VMV Hypoallergenics

Have I got the website for you! Ever heard of VMV Hypoallergenics? Well, now you have, You can thank me later.

First of all, their "essence skin-saving anti-perspirant" is THE BEST. Read my review on it here. I now have an anti-antiperspirant/deodorant solution which trumps ANYTHING I've ever used before in my life.

Not only that, but they have a lot of other great products that I'm acutally NOT allergic to and with every purchase, you're allowed to choose 3 free samples! How fun is that??

I definitely took advantage:


Aren't the samples so neat? I love the packaging.

I chose these three:


The folks over at VMV Hypoallergenics have been so incredibly warm and kind. I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to them!  They've been great.

Aaand they actually have something special just for you:

a 10% discount

on all of your orders through April 30, 2014!

That's a long time!

Just enter the code: ALLERGISTA10 at check-out. And make sure to order your samples!

Not only have they given you this discount, but they gave me a great list of products that are propylene glycol free and dermatitis friendly!

Check it out :-)

And VMV isn't only exclusive to body products. These are the different types of products they sell:

  • skin care
  • bath & body
  • makeup
  • sun & light
  • pregnancy & baby
  • men
  • lifestyle & gifts

Not bad, right?

Head on over there RIGHT NOW and find your new favorite product!