Eczema Stories: Chapter 3

Hi I'm tyffany a 15 year old student.. and well I don't have much of an eczema story but I can talk about what ive had to go through.  Well first off I was born with eczema and iit's been fairly controlled except one time when I was about four and right now in my life it has gotten to ita worst point ever. I've tried almost everything I feel like aveeno vaseline steroids cortizone vitamin e pure cocoa butter bleach baths (helped a little) the light box aloe neem oil and as of right now im on more steroids and I have a mix of prescription ointments. With this I also have a wide variety of allergiea such as cats mold trees gluten wheat soy milk dogs penicillin seafood and a lot more especially seasonal allergies so whenever the seasons change everything starts going.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story, Tyffany!


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