Ask The Allergista: I think I'm allergic to propylene glycol. Here in the UK, doctors don't "get it"!


Hi, I think I am allergic to propylene glycol, I live in the UK and the doctors over here have no idea how to diagnose this allergy but I have managed to do my own research and the only ingredient I keep coming across which is making me ill is PG.  The stress this allergy causes is huge and I was wondering if anyone could help me.  I am looking for a foundation which will be good enough to cover my skin which has redness and pigmentations.  I am also looking for a vitamin I can take which does not contain PG as all the stress of coping with this allergy is taking its toll.  I understand that in the USA there is more choice and you have a compound pharmacy to help you, in the UK there is nothing and no one to help so I am desperately asking for help from anyone who knows about this allergy.  It is a life changing allergy and really difficult to cope with, I sympathise with anyone who has it, lets hope we can all help each other :)


I hope we can all help each other as well!

I love hearing stories from different countries. So many doctors haven't caught onto just how common propylene glycol allergy has become. It's not as common as seasonal allergies, but it's definitely relevant because that's one of the big topics on this blog - propylene glycol allergy. You have a lot of PG-allergic friends out there! (say hello, everybody!)

Regarding which foundation to use, I happen to love CoverGirl & Olay's Simply Ageless. I love that is has SPF and it does a good enough job of covering the red undertones in my skin.


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Regarding your question about PG-free vitamins, I am SO glad you asked! That was a big thing for me. For a while, I couldn't figure out why my new vitamins were making me nauseous. It was all because of hidden PG in modified food starch!


Read all about that here. I found some great Nature Made vitamins online which I mention in the post and you can see up above. Once I switched, I never felt nauseous after taking my vitamins again! Pretty awesome.

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And make sure to also check out my propylene glycol board on Pinterest! There are lots of products on there.

When I developed my zillion allergies, I had a hard time with it. Here are some tips on adjusting to your new routine. Also, this is how I stay positive. It can be hard, but hang in there! You'll adjust with time.

I hope my reply has helped and I hope you get your pg-free routine figured out soon!


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