Eczema Stories: Chapter 2

I first had problems with eczema-- when I owned my beauty salons years ago-- every time I gave a permenent wave-- I broke out-- then it was every time I did a color--then it was just about every day I worked using chemicals--- When I look back now over 40 years ago that this started-- I see now my body was really telling me somethng-- & I did listen--or even know how to listen at that time---& then it went into full blown MCS-- multi chemcial sensitivity-- &  soooooooooooo many more health problems I now have-- from MCS-- & EI /environmental illness-- & CFIDS/ chronic fatigue & immune dysfunction syndrome & CFS/  chronic fatigue & FMS fibromyalgia syndrome & EH/ electromagnetic hypersensitivity -- just to name a very few of my health problems-- now to this day if I am exposed to certain chemicals-- certain foods-- or have a glass of wine-- etc-etc-etc-- I get a real wide awake signal-- I did something my body didn't like it & shows me by not only getting ill-- but by breaking out in eczema & some times hives at the same time!!! After this many years-- you would think I would learn to avoid-- but sometimes it still just happens!!!! :) We live in an MCS safe home as toxic chemical & fragrance free as totally possible-- I use no toxic chemicals on my hair or skin or makeup or anything like that any more--we don't eat meat-- or gluten or sugar-- & try to stay away from processed foods-- etc etc-- we don't eat junk food or drink pop -- but a few times a year I might try a glass of good wine-- & every time I have the same effect-- :) Trying to  Avoid all toxic chemicals & many foods & any products on my hair or skin has been the answer for me!!! Coconut oil is all I use on my skin--- now as a moisturizer!! Learning to listen to our bodies-- & AVOID-- what sets it off-- is all that hs worked for me for all these years-- I am NOT ABLE TO USE ANY CHEMICAL DRUGS OR CREAMS-- ONLY MAKES IT A MILLION TIMES WORSE FOR ME!!!  AVOIDING IS MY BEST SOLUTION FOR MY OWN HEALTH PROBLEMS!!!  Thanks for sharing everyone's story!!! As we all have our own stories!!! :)

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