Nickel-free Guitar: Part I

Back in August 2010, I was busy practicing "Sweet Home Alabama" on one of the guitars in our house: old_guitar

This was just months before I found out that nickel was one of my biggest allergens. There was nickel in the wires! So, even though I had faithfully learned a whole bunch of chords and was learning how to play a song, I had to give it up :-( I really liked it too!

We thought we were being clever by eliminating the metal strings and having me use a nylon string guitar instead. The frets (the metal stripes on the neck) had nickel, though! It made my palms and fingers itch TERRIBLY.

Fast forward three years...

...And my hunny has decided to build me a whole nickel-free guitar! He's actually kind of a genius at it (though he won't tell you so). Check out these two he made:



Awesome, right? He chooses the wood, has it cut into whichever shape he's looking for, stains the wood, custom orders every single part and puts it together. They're also VERY light in weight.

And we are going to stain mine blood red :-)

Although I've tested positive for reacting to certain chemicals in varnish, none of the guitars he's made seem to bother me.

We're just starting the process, so you can follow it throughout the way - right here on my blog. Right now, we have the block of wood which is made out of cedar:

cedarAnd the VERY exciting part is that after lots and lots (and lots) of searching, my hunny actually found some nickel-free frets! Since I react to nickel like poison ivy, it's pretty important.

The ultra nice folks at Jescar have some "gold" frets which are made from copper and titanium. No nickel to be found! I even held onto them for fifteen minutes and NOTHING. I've been known to react to nickel pretty fast.

Check them out:




I can't wait until it's all put together! Stay tuned for updates :-)