What is Propyl Gallate?

propyl_gallate Recently, my hunny and I went on a peacefully awesome cabin vacation. We did a LOT of grilling. I LOVE GRILLING.

Anyways, I also happen to love brats. I can't remember the last time I had one, but I do love them. So, I decided to poke around the grocery store and every single package of brats contained "propyl gallate". I'm allergic to propylene glycol and I'm also allergic to gallates. Naturally, I've been steering away from said propyl gallate. It has me bummed that I'll have to go all the way to Whole Foods to get some, but whatevs. I can deal with that.

I DID want to know what propyl gallate is, though. Turns out, propyl gallate is a preservative formed from propanol and gallic acid. It's a white crystallized powder. Propyl Gallate has been tested, and while the EPA deems it safe, I still don't like the sound of it.

Check out some excerpts from their report:

Propyl gallate, administered orally to rats and rabbits, was quickly metabolized and excreted. It has low acute oral toxicity, and is only slightly irritating to the skin and eyes of rabbits.

Propyl gallate is considered to be moderately toxic to aquatic organisms. Ecological concerns for listed and nonlisted species are not likely from the use of propyl gallate as an inert ingredient in pesticide products.

According to the 1985 CIR report, of rats fed diets containing 0 to 5% propyl gallate for two years, patchy hyperplasia of the stomach was observed at the 5% dosage

The environmental fate of propyl gallate will limit its likelihood of reaching either surface (drinking water) or ground water or bioaccumulating in the environment. Propyl gallate is expected to biodegrade in the environment with ultimate aerobic degradation estimated to be weeks and primary degradation in days. Propyl gallate is soluble, nonvolatile, and moderately mobile. Leaching to ground water is likely in sandy or porous soils, however, mitigated in other soils due to biodegradation. While atmospheric degradation is expected to be rapid, the potential to volatilize from surface waters is very low.

So... yeah. I don't feel that great about it... do you? I'm definitely going to continue staying away from propyl gallate.

Can't wait to see what sort of brats Whole Foods has to offer!