Avoiding Nickel: Keychain Edition Part II

Well, hello everybody! Now, I know it's been a few weeks since I've blogged which is pretty unusual for me, but I promise: everything is all good in my world and I still love all of you very much. Since I have a full time job in the real world, sometimes I just need to be able to step back from all of my fun projects (I'm a freelance graphic designer as well) and do things like just enjoy the end of the summer: catfish

It's good for the mind, which is great for stress and less stress = healthier and happier Allergista. Good stuff.

And in the meantime... I have done genius things such as figure out how to finally stop the dread of looking through my purse and mistakenly touching my nickel laden keys! I'm amazed at myself - I don't know how I didn't think of this sooner...

...Just toss them in a little cotton bag and zip em up! Then, I throw it in my purse and never have to worry about it again! If it's late at night and I can't see into my purse... no worries. If I'm in a rush... no worries. Ahhhhhh it's NICE.



I have several of these bags from American Apparel. I've got different colors and different sizes. I use them for my make-up bag in my purse, for my make-up brushes when I travel, and I have one full of ointment and skin stuff as well. These bags are SO useful. And not only are they free of synthetic fabric, but there's no exposed metal at all. Even the zippers are plastic. The actual zipper mechanism is metal, but they're painted.

Do you have any helpful tips for people trying to avoid touching their keys?

(Avoiding Nickel: Keychain Edition Part I)