Avoiding Nickel Via Transference

When I was diagnosed with my oddly severe nickel allergy, I was told that transference was a big part of why my skin was doing so badly. Transference happens when you touch something and then, for example, touch your face. The "something" you touched is on your face as a result - even if you're touching a solid! I never knew that you could transfer a solid just by touch. Liquids, yes, easily understandable. But solids? I definitely didn't know that. It's VERY true, though.

Take my good friend Cathy for example:


I've known that girl since I was fifteen and a half. We met in summer school at driver education (because of when our b-days fall, not because we suck at driving). My fellow brunette friend and I got into a bunch of mischief together in school and haven't stopped being friends since! She's also newly pregnant!!!! I'm SO excited :-)

So, anyways!

Lately her wedding rings (the wedding band was the suspect) have been giving her allergic dermatitis on her finger:



She's always been mildly to moderately allergic to nickel, but this was more on the bad side... and what girl wants to go without her wedding rings?

Who else better to come to the rescue but me? (cue the horns for my entrance)

So, I went over to her house after work yesterday and immediately started using my handy dandy nickel kit on her kitchen. I couldn't even contain myself. I didn't wait for the rings. But then we moved onto the important part - the rings. All you do is pour some of the clear (and smelly) liquid on a cotton swab and rub it on the suspected metal.  If the swab turns pink, there's nickel! The more pink there is, the more nickel there is.

So, we tested her rings and......!!!!!!........ nothing.

I couldn't believe it. I thought and thought and couldn't wrap my mind around it.

And then she brought out the holder she sits her rings on:



The cotton swab turned so incredibly hot pink (wish I had taken a photo) right away and the color was so concentrated that I had to wipe it off the metal! I've never seen anything with THAT much nickel in it. You can actually see where it turned pink on the lower-right side of the piece.

So, just by placing her rings on this nickel-plated or whatever it is holder, her skin was getting ruined.

I had her put on some of my steroid ointment, told her to clean her jewelery, and she wrapped up the ring holder to give back to her mother. We were both relieved that she didn't have to get a new ring. How awful would that have been? I mean, it's not horrible in the grand scale of things going on the world, but it would definitely hurt your heart a little. Those rings symbolize so much!

Do you have any stories about allergen transference? Post up in the comments!