Fav Website of the Month: Yoox.com


One of the toughest things I deal with when I'm looking for items to purchase online (ones I'm actually not allergic to) is that many websites have a search bar that doesn't do jack. You can search 100% cotton or even 100 cotton to make it less complicated and you get NADA. And that's not very helpful, now is it?

When I was forced to abandon 95% of my wardrobe because I began having allergic reactions to synthetic fabrics, it was ROUGH. Searching through racks and racks and reading a thousand tags, all while trying to avoid possibly touching synthetic fabric... it wasn't fun. So, the obvious solution is the internet, right? And having the internet in this sort of case is AHmazing. It's saved me. And one of the sites whose search bar kicks a$$ actually saved me as well. 

Yoox.com is a great little website based out of Bologna, Italy and they have toooons of clothing at a wide range of prices. There are lots of sales too! There's actually one going on right now. Not only that, but you can sort the clothing by season. Even cooler? Owning clothing with "made in Italy" on the tag. Ohh, how I dream of Italy...

So, BRAVO Yoox.com! Thank you for being the awesome website that you are :-)

Click here to view all of Yoox's cotton items!