PRODUCT REVIEW: Sanvic Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator

Not too long ago, the awesome folks at Sanvic sent me an email, saying they'd noticed I've used the NeilMed sinus flush and would I be interested in trying their product as well? I checked it out online and it's a pretty freakin' cool system. So, of course I said yes, please! Nasal rinses and irrigation systems are great for people with airborne allergies to things like pollen, dust, pets, etc. The water really gets in there, loosens everything up and flushes it out.

Take a look:


Wow, right? It also comes with some buffered salt:


And how do you use it, you ask?

- First, you get some room temperature - slightly warm purified water

- Mix it with one buffered salt packet

- Fill the left chamber to 500

- Next, place the soft tip on the handheld piece and snap it in place

- Push the grey button down to turn it on, hold it down to increase and decrease the flow. It goes from the chamber, through the tube and out the tip:


- Lean over the sink, tilting your head down and forward to prevent the water from going down your throat. The goal is to have it come out of your other nostril, flushing everything out nice and clean.

- Once half the water is gone, switch sides

- Blow your nose

- Clean out the machine by running warm water through it

When I tried this for the first time, I didn't know WHAT to expect. I was really intrigued, but I admit I was a bit freaked out. My hunny stood by my side (smiling and getting ready for the show, lol) and I turned it on. I started on the highest pressure (I couldn't tell you why - silly idea) and that was a bit much for me. I switched it to a medium flow which was much more comfortable.

I must say, I really like it! It definitely does a better job of cleaning out you out because it's s constant flow as opposed to the long squirts you get from the manual rinses.  I like how there's a storage container for the tips because they won't get all that dust and weird bathroom stuff that's in the air on them. It hold up to four different tips at a time. The machine itself is a bit noisy, but it's not loud enough to be annoying. Overall, I'd say it gets two thumbs up! it's effective, the water compartment comes out which is convenient. I think it would be safe on the top rack of the dishwasher as well.

Click here to buy one for yourself! You can also purchase more tips with different colors and more salt.

Interested in the benefits?

Check out this information from their website:

What is Nasal Irrigation? Nasal Irrigation is simply washing your nose with a warm salt solution to promote muco-ciliary clearance by moisturizing the nasal cavity and by removing encrusted material. Nasal irrigation is a simple, inexpensive treatment that relieves the symptoms of a variety of nasal and sinus discomfort, reduces use of medical resources, and could help minimize antibiotic resistance. This procedure is something you can do at home and may offer similar relief to that of decongestants, antihistamines, antibiotics, and steroid nasal sprays without serious adverse effects.

Warm saline nasal irrigation is:

  • you can do at home: so you make fewer visits to medical doctors. Just like an experienced physician cleans your nose at your home!
  • an inexpensive method: all what you need are the nasal irrigator, buffered salt and warm water!
  • simple to use: both adult and children can use it smoothly ( depends on different model of nasal irrigators).
  • comfortable: Most find it a soothing and pleasant practice once they try it, especially the pulsatile nasal irrigation.
  • effective: Treatment guidelines in both Canada and the United States now advocate use of nasal irrigation for all causes of rhino-sinusitis and for postoperative cleaning of the nasal cavity.
  • safe: rare documented serious adverse effects. Perform according to the user’s guide is recommended for safe utilization.
  • the way you can save health and enjoy your life: minimize the medications necessary means you can stay away from the probable side effects of decongestants, antihistamines, antibiotics or steroids.

Nasal irrigation can:

  • clean the mucus, crust and other debris from your nasal passages.
  • moisturize and decongest the nose to improve air flow. Salty water pulls fluid out of the swollen membranes of your nose, this makes breathing easier and helps open the sinus passages.
  • improve muco-ciliary clearance movement. It helps the nose work better and improves nasal drainage.
  • remove biofilm in chronic rhino-sinusitis to reduce the use of other medical resources( including medications or operations), and make fewer visits to physicians.
  • improve the effectiveness of the nasal steroid sprays if warm saline nasal irrigation is performed before using the steroid spray. The steroid spray will reach deeper.

Readers, have you tried this system or one like it before?