Ask The Allergista: Do you know of an allergy pill without propylene glycol?


Do you know of an allergy pill(prescription or non) that does not contain propylene glycol?



Zyrtec (and most Zyrtec generic brands), the hard Benadryl pills, as well as the dye-free capsules are all propylene glycol free. They DO contain polyethylene glycol aka PEG, however, PEG is indeed a different chemical than propylene glycol aka PG. I have a bad allergy to PG, but am totally fine with PEG. (phew, that's a lot of p's and g's!) When I found out about my propylene glycol allergy, my doctor stressed that they are two different ingredients. Here's my post that explains a little more about that.

From what the other readers have told me, many people who are allergic to PG are allergic to PEG as well. Personally, I take Zyrtec and I've had no issues with it, but if you haven't been properly tested for PG, I'd play it safe!

I DID find one that actually doesn't have PG or PEG, and that's Claritin!

Also, I'd recommend purchasing an air purifier and a nasal irrigation system. Both always really help me. Here are the purifiers I have.

There are simple manual nasal flushes like the kind by NeilMed. There are also more sophisticated ones which really ramp it up. I'm actually going to post a review about the pulsating Sanvic system tomorrow - stay tuned!

I hope this helps and that you feel better soon!!


The Allergista