Fav Website of The Month: The Eczema Company


Now, I don't know if you've been paying attention to the fact that I've reviewed a couple products from The Eczema Company lately, but I've tested out some great stuff. You can read about that here and here.

The owner actually sells a product that helps get rid of my eczema! It's called Calendulis Cream:


Nothing other than steroids and avoiding my allergens has been able to get rid of my eczema (allergic contact dermatitis). Avoiding every single one of my allergens can be impossible sometimes, so having access to something other than a strong medication is something I'm very grateful for.

When I stumbled across The Eczema Company's blog called Itchy Little World, I quickly began loving Jennifer's posts and when I came across her online store, I was blown away! I feel like I haven't found ANY other place online like hers.

Not only does she have ointments and creams, but she has wet wraps, anti-scratch mittens for kids, stuff for your laundry, and even clothing - aaand more!. And it's all geared toward eczema! How awesome is THAT? Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

You should definitely check it out if you are having eczema issues. Tell her I sent ya! ;-) Jennifer, is SUPER nice and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Seriously, check out her online shop!