Reader Submission: How Propylene Glycol & GMO Corn are related

So, one of your fellow readers sent me this really interesting email. I'm excited to share it. She and I have been emailing pretty much since I started this blog because we both are very allergic to propylene glycol. She also likes to do a lot of research which is great ;-) The poor girl has been battling some major health issues and with her permission, I'm posting one of her more recent updates.

Check it out:

I have been on quite the medical merry-go-round lately. I cannot remember how long it has been, so please excuse me if I repeat anything.

I acquired c. Diff. from antibiotics. Not fun at all! After about six weeks, I was still struggling, but the tests were negative. It took me quite some time to realize I had another case of GI tract yeast (thanks to the c. Diff. Antibiotics). It reminded me of that child's poem where the old lady swallowed the fly...every treatment led to another illness as a side effect.

Well, finally managed to get past all that, and avoid the hospital, so I was pretty pumped. Still having some relatively minor issues, but managing fairly well. Since I was still having some trouble, my GI doc decided to do another hydrogen breath test, this one for fructose. We checked ingredients, no PEG or PG or really anything other than crystalline fructose. I went in Wednesday morning, empty stomach, and started the test by drinking the sugar-water. Ick! Twenty minutes later, I doubled over in agony. They got my doc's nurse, and I told her to bring me the sadistic bastard, because I wanted to kill him! I was laughing and crying at the same time. Then I started running to the bathroom, and she got the doc. He got me a shot of Phenergan, and eventually they cleared out a procedure room (with its own bathroom) for me to lay down. Once my stomach settled, I slept between the breathing tests. Trey had to come get me.

Funny thing...I registered no intolerance on the test. However, I'm like the first patient in history to even have noticeable symptoms like that, and boy were they awful. My doc was freaked. "Is THIs what you've been dealing with?"

They confirmed with the manufacturer that there was nothing else in it. So I got to researching again.

What do PG and crystalline fructose have in common? Surely I don't have two totally different but bizarre allergies? After several attempts, I think I have found the answer. Corn. More specifically, GMO corn.

My GI doc had proposed this several weeks ago, but I thought he was nuts. I have gone back and forth with it, really. But now, I see this connection.

Crystalline fructose is made from corn starch. In 2001, scientists discovered a cheaper way to make PG, by turning a corn derived compound called lactic acid into PG. the base fluid is derived from corn sugar, which is cheaper than the biofuels.

GMO corn is not allowed in organic foods, which explains why I am so much better on an organic diet. But meds contain corn starch, which you know is not going to be organic! Lol.

GMO corn has been modified to contain a built in pesticide which kills pests instantly after ingestion by basically causing their stomachs to rip open (a familiar feeling for me). Doctors have seen a significant increase in corn allergies with GMO corn.

High fructose corn syrup may or may not be an issue for someone with a GMo corn allergy. It is so highly processed, the GMO components don't really exist anymore.

I have no idea if any of this might help you, but I thought it was fascinating to say the least. Probably the only way to know for sure is to eliminate it 100% and see how I do. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share this! I love being able to pass the knowledge around :-)