The Puppy, The Goat, and The Sun

Hello there! As always, Happy Saturday to everyone else who has Saturday off :-)

This morning is beautiful out here! I picked these yummy herbs from our garden about an hour ago:


Right now it's a nice 78 degrees without a cloud in the skyI'm definitely going for a bike ride after lunch.

I'm ALSO going to be baby sitting this little nugget for a little bit today:


His name is Major. Isn't he the absolute cutest?

One of my close girlfriends just got this little guy and since he's potty training and she's got some errands and a dinner today, she asked for a little help. I was happy to oblige. How could you say no to that face, anyways?

That same friend just had her birthday dinner at Girl & The Goat in downtown Chicago over the weekend:


It's pretty famous, actually. One of the Top Chef winners started it. I'll post more about that later, though. I will say that the food was awesome and the service was even better! Good stuff.

One downside to this past week is the fact that I was sick for most of it. Womp, womp. I wasn't horribly ill, but my throat was a bit swollen and scratchy, I had a headache and then I got stuffy. I'm feeling pretty good today, though. I drank a lot of hot water with lemon and took straight shots of lemon as well.



The lemon is supposed to help kill bacteria. I felt better each day, so maybe it really did help! Gotta love natural remedies.

And an upside to the week? My hunny and I are working on perfecting the YUMMIEST, most simple recipe for popcorn:


Can't wait to share it!!

As far as a skin update, I'm still doing very well! I have a couple bumps on my right elbow, but that's it right now. My skin always does so well after spending time in the sun (i.e. my recent vacation), so I'm going to make an effort to get outside both days on the weekend.

And with that said, I'm going to get myself together so I can get the more active part of my day started!

Have a great weekend!