PRODUCT REVIEW: Calendulis Cream

About a month ago, I did a product review for Eczeherbal Ointment from The Eczema Company. The owner and ever-awesome blogger, Jennifer, was so incredibly kind to send me another item from her online store. One that not only gets rid of the itch (like Ezeherbal), but heals the affected areas as well!

Allow me to introduce you to Calendulis Cream:


The only thing that's been able to heal my eczema is avoidance and steroids. I refuse the oral steroids, but was using steroid ointment for any spots I couldn't get to heal by avoiding everything. It's inevitable that I end up touching some nickel here and there on accident and those spots in particular always need a little extra help to heal. Stress is a doozy as well. So, I was a bit skeptical that this ointment would aaaactually work.

SO! I quit using my steroid ointment about a month ago and only used the Calendulis Cream. I actually left my steroid ointment at home! It was kind of like a security blanket for me. My other security blanket is my bandana I carry around to avoid touching the nickel in doorknobs and other such items I come across when I leave my house.

After using the Calendulis Cream as my only healing option other than avoidance, I'm happy to say that it's worked for me! I can hardly believe it as I'm typing it... but slowly but surely, my eczema that popped up went away!

Here's my breakdown:

Smell: Similar to vaseline, but not as strong

Texture: Thick like a good moisturizing cream

Effectiveness: Banishes bubbled skin, patchy skin and it also gets rid of the itch! It works a bit slower than my steroid ointment. Something that would take a few days to go away with steroid ointment takes about 1.5 - 2 weeks with the Calendulis Cream.

I'm REALLY excited about this. It still seems too good to be true! If you have problems with eczema and allergic contact dermatitis, like I do, I urge you to try this! And feel free to ask Jennifer any questions you may have about the products. She'll tell you if your allergens are in the product you're interested in. Those hidden ingredients are tricky!

Bravo to The Eczema Company, BRAVO!

**UPDATE: The Calendulis Cream is no longer available as they JUST began adding propylene glycol to it!  The Eczema Company has pulled it from their shop as a result of the new ingredients.