Ask The Allergista: Will allergy shots get rid of my eczema?


Hello again! I have another question for you.

I have been seeing two different allergists. One has recommended allergy shots but is not sure if it will make a difference. The other doesn't believe shots are linked to helping eczema at all. My allergies that are shot related are grass, dust mites, cats, dogs. I would think it would help since my dust mite allergy is so severe.

Have you ever had allergy shots? Do you know anyone it has helped with these similar allergies? Thanks so much for your help and great advice. It helps me keep going.


Hi! I've heard conflicting views about the allergy shots. Some people say they help and some don't. I've actually never gotten them myself. My doctors all seemed to think that either avoidance or steroids is what helps me specifically. In regard to eczema, I suppose it would also depend on which sort of eczema you have. Not all types of eczema occur because of allergies. I specifically have allergic contact dermatitis, which is only one form of eczema. To learn more about the different types, here's a previous post I did.

Since I don't have that much experience with allergy shots, I'd like to open this one up to my awesomely helpful readers:

Have any of you had allergy shots?

What was your experience with it in relation to eczema?