The Allergista featured in Allergic Living Magazine!


It's here!!! A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that I had a big surprise a brewin' and it's actually happened!

Drumroll, please....

allergic living summer 2013


That's ME down there!


It's really me!


My name is even the second word in the article!

jennifer beckinsale

:-) :-) :-)

I got that dress online at ModCloth. They have TONS of cotton items.

A BIG thank you to Lisa Fitterman, the journalist who interviewed me via Skype for the Allergic Living article. Also, thank you to Allergic Living for allowing me to be part of your Summer 2013 issue! And thank you to the awesome photographer who made the photo shoot fun.

Lisa tweeted me back in April, asking if I'd be interested in doing an interview for Allergic Living. Of course, I said yes! She e-mailed me, telling me it was for an article she was writing about allergic contact dermatitis in relation to perfume.

I wanted to tell you guys RIGHT AWAY. but I had to keep it a secret!

As it turns out, Europe's laws about the ingredients in perfumes are a step up from ours here in the United States.

...the European Union is also a leader in allergy and asthma research and required that the presence of 26 fragrance allergens be clearly labeled on cosmetics, cologne and perfume.

Not the worst, huh? And now they're looking to ban 3 different ingredients and tighten the reins on 12 others. Well, this has Chanel, Dior and Guerlain very upset because one of their most important ingredients will be compromised. It's called hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene-carboxaldeyde, otherwise known as HICC for obvious reasons. (It sucked just typing that.)

Dr. Ian White was the main doctor investigating the ingredients and how safe they really are. He said something that was SO refreshing to hear:

Fragrance allergies are an important health problem. And our job was clear: to assess the risk in order to protect the consumer to the best of our ability.

Can we all say hell yeah? Thank you Dr. White! Thank you for doing what you do.

Another interesting tid bit about fragrance from the article:

"It was Harry Selfridge, the founder of the eponymous department store in London, who introduced cosmetics and perfume counters right at the store's grand entrance: back in 1910 carriages pulled by horses were the main form of transport and the scents helped to mask the odor of manure."

Haaaaahahaha. Hiiilarious.

So anyways, I am SO excited about being in Allergic Living! They rock :-)

If you want to get your hands on the best-ever Summer 2013 issue, click here!

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