Ask The Allergista: Do you know of any razors without propylene glycol?


Hi! I was searching your site because I am horribly allergic to propylene glycol and I'm having an awful time finding a razor that doesn't contain this awful stuff!

Do you know of any razors that I could use?

Thanks! And I love your site!



Thank you for the compliment! :-) When I was thinking about your question, I immediately thought of those plain orange bic razors. You have to be careful with them, though, because I've been knicked by them before. They DO have some twin blades, though, which are probably better.

Here are a few that I found online.

Click the photos to find the product links:


Also, here are some electric options! These are what I currently use, actually. I don't use the epilator regularly, but I do use the two others that are in that post.

I hope this helps! I really feel ya on the whole propylene glycol allergy thing. It's EVERYWHERE. Click here to read all of my propylene glycol posts. Also, here's my Pinterest board with propylene glycol free products. Good luck on your journey!

Sincerely, The Allergista

UPDATE: This razor by Preserve finally fixed my problem!