Managing my allergies, staying snazzy, and yaay for my skin getting better!

HAPPY WEEKEND! (To those of you who don't work on the weekends, that is.) This morning I took a look around the garden and our plants are starting to really grow - check it out!

Cucumbers are so great for snacking. Even Bentley loves them!


And the peppers will be great for tacos :-)

This week I had two days of an "academy" that my two co-workers and I attended. It was pretty much a "how to run your business like these other successful guys" workshop and it was at a country club. This meant I'd be there for my meals, so I worked with the coordinators and staff on site and this is what I had for my breakfasts and lunches:

  • Breakfast: big ol' plate of hash browns cooked with canola oil & a plate of strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe
  • Lunch: Plain salad with extra virgin olive oil, grilled chicken cooked with canola oil, steamed cauliflower and broccoli and a baked potato

Not bad, huh??

The first day we actually had a group dinner and sushi and steamed edamame was bought for me. One of my faaavorites :-)

I got snazzed up for both of the days. This photo is from the second day. It's actually this 100% cotton dress and I wore a jacket over it:


And so is THIS one:


It's a stuffed baby bear. WHO DOES THAT? Who shoots a baby bear??? :-( Ugh.


So, I got a new cotton purse! I needed an all-black one. Usually, I use this one:


But I like prints and too many different prints in the same outfit can look like garbage. The Roxy bag I found is pretty casual, but it will have to do for now:


Here's what the weave looks like up close:


It also had some metal snaps inside that I painted over with clear nail polish. I'm still waiting for my nickel testing kit to arrive in the mail, so I don't know if there's nickel, but I don't take any chances. You wouldn't either if you reacted to it like poison ivy which is what happens to me.


Speaking of avoiding nickel, I got some nice new sterling silver earrings from JCPenney:


The one by me has been putting a lot of their jewelry on a MAJOR sale for the last handful of years, so these were only $15. Love 'em!

As far as my skin update, I'm happy to say my skin is still mostly on the upswing. The eczema which was above my right armpit is pretty much 100% gone! Somehow, it's switched over to my LEFT one though...


Don't ask me how that makes any sense. Here are my other two areas of irritation right now:



Not bad, though!

Well, that's pretty much it for this week... I'm going to close with the song, "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke which I CANNOT get out of my head! Love love love it. SO catchy. I love the styling of the video too: