Ask The Allergista: Did your allergy testing hurt and where did you go to get it done?

This question actually comes from a post I did after some allergy testing:





Hello! I know I need to get an allergy test like this done but I’m a little concerned about a few things and I’m hoping you might be able to help.

1. Where do you go for it? Is it from a specialty doctor or someone like that? I've never actually seen any specialists for allergies or anything..

2. Does it hurt a lot? It sounds rather painful. I know the reaction will be different but did the scratch thing hurt? and the injections?

I’m used to getting blood drawn for tests but that looks like it would be different.. I’ll be moving to another state in the upcoming months so I'm hoping to get it done after the move so I'm not as stressed (and hopefully have a more open schedule!).

Thanks so much for the help! You are such an amazing/awesome inspiration. I never considered even getting an allergy test before reading your story. It’s proof that if the results come back positive for things, i can actually live without them and things will be OK. Thank you for everything! <3



Hi there!

  1. I went to an allergist for the testing you saw in the photos. They're the best sort of doctor to see for allergies. If you have any off-the-charts allergies, the allergist can usually refer you to someone who specializes in your kind of allergies whether it's allergic reactions on your skin, anaphylaxis, etc.  I've also gone to a dermatologist who specializes in patch testing, which was a HUGE help.  There aren't many of them out there, but you can click here to search for one.
  2. I'm one biiig wussy when it comes to getting shots / being sliced up at the doctor's office. The scratch testing is no biggie, though. And you know if I'm saying that, it really isn't.  It's the injections that were pretty uncomfortable and a bit painful. The scratch testing is done one panel at a time, and I think I had 2 of them, so it goes by quickly and it's just like a bunch of tiny pinches all at once. With the injections, it takes longer since they one after the other and you've actually got a needle moving around under your skin.

It wasn't the worst, though. You should definitely go through with it! Once you know what you're allergic to, you can begin avoiding your allergens and it makes it a whole new world!

Thank you for the incredibly kind words. They made me smile :-) And it makes me REALLY happy to know that I've set someone on the track toward feeling better. Please report back after your test!