How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

With all of my food allergies, cooking from scratch always seems to be the best way to go... other than going to a fancy restaurant from time to time, that is ;-) Roasted red peppers can be added to sooo many things: pizza, pasta sauce, salad dressing, risotto, and more! This is SO easy to do and to NOT do it would be crazy.

All you need is the broiler in your oven, a baking pan, aluminum foil, a bowl, plastic wrap and vegetable or canola oil.

1. Grab as many peppers as you'd like and get a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil


2. After cleaning the peppers, coat them with a little vegetable oil and place on the prepared sheet. Make sure to use a light colored oil instead of something dark such as olive oil because darker oil smokes.


3. Turn the broiler on and after a minute, put the pan in the oven (or in your broiler pan depending on where your broiler is). I put mine on the 2nd rack from the top.

4. Broil for 20 minutes or until blackened on all sides. During the process, keep your eye on the peppers - turning them when the top side has blackened.

5. When finished, toss them in a bowl right away and cover with plastic wrap.


6. After about 20 minutes or when the peppers are cool enough to handle, peel the skin off - it will slide off easily. 7. Cut up the peppers as you'd like and enjoy!


For this particular batch, I put the peppers in the food processor, turning them into a rich and tangy vinaigrette for a light pasta salad.

Simple and delicious!