Ask The Allergista: Are you allergic to adhesive or ink? I'm thinking about getting patch tested.



First, thanks so much for writing your blog! It's amazing. I've been having allergic contact dermatitis symptoms for the last few months and I did the scratch test today and got referred for the patch test. My main allergy is adhesives. Just curious how that works with the patch test since you're also allergic to adhesives?

I also have two random questions. Are you allergic to ink (like pens)? Are you allergic to paper tape?

Any information would be amazing because I'm so confused and frustrated.



You're most welcome! I really do love writing this blog :-) It's rewarding in sooo many ways.

I have the same issue as you - my skin hates adhesive. Even paper tape. My reaction to paper tape is much less than my reaction to the regular stuff, though. So, when I HAVE to use it, paper tape is the way to go. Usually, the reactions I get from paper tape will go away without having to use steroid ointment. It's itchy, but it goes away.

As far as the results of the test being compromised, my reaction to the adhesive wasn't bad enough to do such damage, luckily.

Now about your other question - I don't think I was ever tested for ink.... but in my research I've done on tattoo ink (a different type of ink, but ink nonetheless) I found there was nickel in black ink.... and I'm VERY allergic to nickel. I don't react to whatever is in sharpies, though. I've tested that out before.

I hope you go through with the patch testing. It changed my world! I'd still be covered if it weren't for the patch testing. Please give me an update if you do it!

P.S. - Here's what I do when my skin is freaking out and here's another post about patch testing which might interest you!


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I love my readers! They have proven to be very helpful since the beginning. Turns out I AM allergic to ink! Wendy helped me out with that one:


Thank you Wendy!