How to be a Cotton Yogi

Now, I don't know about you, but with my synthetic fabric allergies, it can feel preeeetty tough to find cotton yoga gear. With all of the cute Lulumon gear out there and none of those cute stretchy pants made of 100% cotton, you can find yourself in a rut. And it's not just the clothes - it's the yoga mats, the straps and the blocks. Most of those items are synthetic so they can dry quickly and stretch with your movements.

However, it IS possible to be a cotton yogi!

Check me out below:


What you see above isn't your typical kind of yoga, but one that involves straps mounted to the wall. This allows you to get even deeper into certain positions and even hang upside down, releasing the pressure in your spine and neck! Very cool.

Yoga is a great for relieving stress, increasing your strength, muscle tone and flexibility. And if you dig into the philosophy of it all, it can be incredibly rewarding.

Here are a number of products below that help me with my yoga practice:

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Do you have any cotton yoga products that you love? Please share in the comments!