Confessions of an Allergy Blogger

the_allergista_throwback the_allergista_throwback2

  • I used to rock track suits and fitted ball caps. That’s what those photos are up above (obviously). I rocked them hard. And awesomely. Although, let’s keep in mind that I was 20 years old.
  • It took me months to actually show my face on this blog
  • I’ve eaten an entire box of pasta in one sitting. OK, maybe I did that more than once. Obviously this was before I started avoiding wheat due to the high nickel content.
  • I want 1,000 children and 5,000 pets. Maybe that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration...
  • I’m kind of a food snob
  • I started a blog called “Married to my Skin” about 6 months before I started this blog. I never posted anything on it because I couldn’t get past how negative the title sounded.
  • I’m secretly a pop star....What? Yes I am. Stop that.
  • As a kid, I’d sometimes hide food in my room instead of eating it. Who ever said hiding fish in your closet was a bad idea? Woops.
  • I can be a bit of a loner at times. I like it, though. It makes me more creative and focused.
  • Ten years ago, I went through a major “pink” phase. Everything was pink. I even bought some pink khaki-style pants at a thrift shop.I guess this point isn’t so much of a confession as I WORKED IT in those pants.
  • People praise me for my self-control regarding avoiding my food allergens... I secretly dream of sitting on my couch all day and ordering delivery: pizza, pasta, tiramisu... my favorite stuff that I avoid. And sometimes I cave... and then pay for it.
  • While I never intend on letting my eczema kill my spirit, I still have times where my allergies are so aggravating it throws me into a slight depression.
  • I love doing my blog posts SO incredibly much. Or couldn't you guess that already? ;-)