Product Review: Linwoods Super Foods

So, when I was at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo last month, not only was I handed a Lo Salt bag, but I was handed a bag from Linwoods!

In it was this 100% cotton t-shirt (aw yeah, 100% cotton!):


and some samples!


Now, what's so great about these products you ask?

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Loaded with Essential Fatty Acids
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Protein (9g per 30g serving)
  • Low GI, which means energy is released slower into the body helping keep hunger at bay

I had my hunny try one of the milled ones and give me his opinion. The milled Linwoods products have a fine texture which is perfect for yogurt, but I can't have yogurt due to my lactose intolerance.

So, he decided to try the Flaxseed & Goji Berries:


I asked him to express his thoughts in bullet points and this is what he thought:

  • Not much flavor (which is great for sneaking it into recipes to make them healthier)
  • Not crunchy
  • The texture is dusty
  • Doesn't taste offensive
  • Great for survival kits

I tried some of their Hemp product since it wasn't milled into a powder:


For whatever reason, I was expecting it to be crunchy, but it wasn't. It does have a very nice, light nutty flavor, though! This would be great in yogurt.

Here are the nutrition facts:


Have you tried any of  the Linwoods products before?