Ask The Allergista: Know of any Nickel Free Glasses?

This question actually came from the lady over at pinklikeabeacon. She's dealing with Topical Steroid Withdrawal. You can click here to follow her journey - she's a brave girl, that's for sure! Topical Steroid Withdrawal is NOT fun, but it seems like she's getting better as the time passes :-) I hope the progress continues!  


I have a question about nickel. So I tested positive to nickel, which I guess is very common in "atopic people."  I've been reacting to my glasses nose pads and I wonder if it has to do with the nickel..  Do you have any suggestions for glasses that don't have nickel? I tried looking into it and I didn't really find too much out there.


I've been called atopic before too. The theory is that your skin just "gives up". I actually DO have glasses - my vision is hooooooorrible - and I have some Anne Klein glasses which don't bother me. I suggest buying a nickel testing kit and taking it to the store with you when you're looking for glasses. Plastic frames are always a good option as well.

I'm incredibly allergic to nickel - it's one of my worst allergens. Keys are my worst enemy. I hate my keys. I don't like to say I hate things, but I think I can genuinely say I hate my keys!

Here are my glasses:


And here are some plastic frames. The metal is encased, so it shouldn't be a problem:

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Does anyone else have a great pair of nickel free glasses?