A Strong Woman, Pretty Dresses and How To Utilize Twitter

What a busy weekend! I've also had a headache for two days in a row and I can't quite pin down why, but it's not horrible. It's been a good week, though!

This past Wednesday, I had the fun opportunity of hanging out at a bowling alley with three of my close girlfriends while watching young kids put on a little show - playing guitar and singing. The kids were INCREDIBLY adorable. Big props to them for having the guts to do it! My hunny and his co-workers teach music lessons, so this show was a group of kids his co-worker had been working with. Endearing performances, fun music, drinks and a bunch of the people I love around me. It was a really great night :-)

So, I know I just finished up Marina Chapman's book called "The Girl with No Name", but I'm already more than half-way through my current book!

Sharon Osbourne's second autobiography, "Survivor"


Sharon Osbourne, for lack of better words, has been through a lot of crap. Yet somehow, her life is still full of love and she always figures out a way to press on. I read her first autobiography a number of years ago, "Extreme". That book was about her rough childhood, semi-broken relationship with her parents, her rise in the music management business,  her beginning years with Ozzy, health issues and more.

"Survivor" is more recent. She tells stories from Ozzfest, her turbulent relationship with American television, battles with health problems, plastic surgery and the prices you pay later in life for it. Ever since I saw her on "The Osbournes", I liked Sharon Osbourne. She doesn't take any crap, yet she can sit down for tea and hold a proper and intelligent conversation. She's a tough business manager and yet she has such an incredible motherly love toward her children that just melts your heart. I admire her tenacity and applaud her for being such an inspiration.

Not only have I been rapidly digesting that awesome book, but I got three fabulous cotton pieces in the mail!!! And they all fit correctly! I LOVE them:




You can find more cute 100% cotton dresses & skirts on my Pinterest board! There are 215 pins on there right now :-) These are from ModCloth. It's my first purchase from them and I'm SO pleased.

I actually wore the skirt to work yesterday with a navy short sleeve scoop neck t-shirt from H&M and these black flats from Michael Kors:


 It was REALLY comfy. And I got lots of compliments! It may have been 45 degrees outside and kinda rainy, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I'm SO ready for summer!

So, do you remember the two broken mirrors from World Market that sat in my living room forever? I ordered them online and they BOTH arrived broken. The broken mirrors were supposed to be picked up and never got picked up and yaddah yaddah yaddah.

I finally snapped one morning before work and sent them this series of tweets (with the wrong link in them which I had to re-send, woops):


And they wrote me back!


It ended up with their corporate office giving me my refund without having to wait for the mirrors to one day be picked up, which is great. The down-side is we have to dispose of the mirrors and our cars aren't big enough to transport the 6 foot tall mirrors, so they're still sitting in our living room. We'll find a way to get rid of those suckers, though...

And what better way to close a post on a Saturday night, but with funny photos of our cat, Bluto? He's quite photogenic, as you can see... ;-)




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