Ask The Allergista: Which makeup and eye shadow do you use?


Hi there! I absolutely love your site! It's really gotten me thinking about what's in our foods and clothes and such!

Lately I've been having some issues with make up, specifically eye shadow, causing me to rash out and itch something terrible...

So I was wondering when/if you use any, what kind doesn't bother your skin? My work has more of a dressy dress code so make up tends to be needed daily and not having it irritate my skin would be amazing! but I'm at such a loss as to where to start looking!

So, any help would be great!  Thanks soo much!


Thank you, thank you for the kind words! I'm glad I've brought some awareness to somebody else :-)

My office has a nicer dress code as well, so I totally understand! So sorry to hear that the area by your eye is bothering you. That's gotta be tough :-(

I'd suggest only washing your face with cold water and using a gentle soap. I use Dove's gentle exfoliating bar. I lather it up in my hands and wash with the lather - I don't exfoliate my face with it. I used to use their sensitive skin bar, but they began adding propylene glycol to it.

As far as makeup goes, Almay is a great company to start with - their basic products are great. I can't use their waterproof mascara, but the normal one is OK. I use Cover Girl products as well. Here's what I use on a daily basis.

Hope this helps and that your skin feels better soon!


The Allergista