Itchy Skin, Cotton Comfiness, and a Must-Read

Happy Weekend! (for the other M-F 9-5'ers out there) This past week has been a combo of good and bad things... We must always focus on the good, though, right? :-)

So, I maaaaay have had some pasta (I avoid wheat because of the nickel content) and I maaay have shoved a few pieces of cheese in my mouth too (I'm lactose intolerant). Woopssssss.....

I was feeling stressed and my self control was gone for a couple moments... I'm definitely paying for it though...




There are a number of other little patches on my elbows as well. I'm itchy :-(

Remember my World Market mirror that was delivered broken? And they were going to very nicely send me another one and have the other one picked up? Let's remember that I also posted about that FOURTEEN days ago...

Well, now I have TWO giant broken mirrors taking up space in my living room:


They can't even guarantee that both mirrors will be picked up on the same day... they also can't give me a pick-up date for either one of them...

Now, I don't care how nice customer service's tone is when the actual service itself SUCKS. I don't even want to deal with it anymore. I'm getting a refund. After they pick up the mirrors... They said I would have to go through the same process as the other two if I wanted another one.... NO THANK YOU. I advised the guy I spoke with that they cease selling mirrors online and that I plan to order NOTHING from them for a long time. Not that any of that matters makes a difference.

If you noticed Bentley standing there in the photo, well, how could you not? His cuteness is blinding (and he follows me wherever I go). He's had a persistent cough for months now and antibiotics seemed to help, but it came back both rounds. It's been two months since he was on them, so he's going to go on a 6 week dose (longest one was a month before), have some blood work done as well as an ECG. His vet appointment is next Friday. Wish him luck! It makes me sad because he turns 10 in June and old dogs getting sick can always go south :-( But we have a plan with the vet and are going to do what we can - anything aside from risky surgery.

On a better note, we finally got a 100% cotton couch!!!! Not all of the colors are cotton, though, so make sure to check first.


I cannot possibly express how awesome it is to be able to relax back on a couch and not have to worry about the fabric I'm touching. I feel like I can actually relax! It's amazing...

The sofa is only $399, from Ikea, and the ottomans awesomely come with storage. I LOVE storage.

I just need to get some pillows, blankets and a tray to set on one of the ottomans to replace the wooden stool. Gotta have somewhere to put your cup!

Click here to check out my "Cotton Home Goods" Pinterest board for more items!

On another awesome note, I just finished a GREAT book that you MUST read!


"The Girl with No Name".

It's about Marina Chapman, who as a Colombian girl was kidnapped from her home and abandoned deep in a forest at the age of five. She learned how to survive from a troop of monkeys and became feral. She ended up finding a pair of humans at age ten, but they sold her into prostitution. It's a true story and this amazing woman hasn't lost her smile or playful spirit!! She's married and has a daughter now... and I am so humbled by her story and admire her incredible strength - SO amazing.

Have you read it?