Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Yup! Just plain ol' water! Nothing else.

  • Warm water helps to dissolve the food in your digestion system better than cold water
  • Drinking warm water elevates your body temperature, which helps you sweat out toxins
  • A warmer body creates better blood circulation
  • The warm vapor from the water can help clear your sinuses
  • And I don't know about you, but having a mug of something warm in my hand always makes me feel a bit more at ease.

When I first heard about drinking hot water about 6 months ago, I though, "Huh??" As I thought about it I came to the conclusion that  it's just water, so it's not that abnormal. With all of my allergies, hot water is a GREAT drink for me. I stay away from tea because it's made from flowers and all of that "outside stuff" that bothers me. I also stay away from coffee because it does THIS to my fingers...



I'd been drinking hot water with lemon (honey is good as well) for a while, but had read about the damage lemon can do to the enamel on your teeth. So one day at work, I tried a mug of plain ol' hot water... and I had to admit, I really liked it!

Now I drink it all day while I'm at work. Can't get enough. It's TOTALLY my thing now :-) It's actually a custom to drink hot water with every meal in some countries!

Do you drink hot water regularly?