Ask The Allergista: Do these suggested "eczema friendly" products actually work?


I was wondering if you could help me out with my latest dilemma..I don't know if I can trust big companies that supposedly make products that are supposed to work for us?

My example is Aveeno. I have been told by my dermatologist to use only the "oatmeal one in with the green label". My skin on my face had been really dry and irritated and I try and look normal and I have a special new makeup that is made locally with no chemicals. However! I put Aveeno all over my body and I do have eczema everywhere.

I'm not saying Aveeno is the problem but I'm of course not trying to add to things! My allergies are a long list..but some that concern me with lotions are my paraben, lanolin, and colophony allergies.

I phoned Aveeno and talked to someone there who said these ingredients are not in their products.. But when I read online I come up with people saying the opposite. Who do I believe? Help ;)

Any suggestions for me?




I know exactly how you feel - I don't trust ingredient labels at ALL. They're just not specific enough.

First of all, your doctor may need to re-check Aveeno's line - there are two body washes containing oatmeal which have a green label:




I stay away from both of these products due to my propylene glycol allergy. The reason being is the extract in both body washes. I learned from my patch test specialist that botanical extracts often contain propylene glycol and by law, companies don't need to list the ingredients. Having "blah blah extract" listed is sufficient enough for our government... You can read more about how I found out here.

There are two types of soap I use. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Bar for body and face:


and this Dial Deodorant Soap for my underarms and feet only:


Those both seem to work really well for me. The deodorant soap helps with the fact that I can't use most highly effective store bought deodorants since they all contain propylene glycol. The Dove soap is great because is has a moisturizer.

I use Cerave for moisturizing cream. I even use it on my face and neck before I go to sleep!


There are different forms of Eczema... so even though there are a lot of eczema-friendly products out there, if you have Allergic Contact Dermatitis (like me), there can still be allergens in the products. I was even allergic to the first steroid ointment the doctors prescribed me!

Follow this link to read about the different types of eczema.

I really hope all of this helps! If you find a product that works for you, please share!


The Allergista