My Experience at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

HEY GUYS!!! I'm so excited to share everything with you!

My feet may still be hurtin' from standing in these bad boys all day:


...but I've been left with a lot of awesome memories, met a lot of REALLY cool allergy sufferers and had the opportunity to share my story with soooo many people. There was actually a pretty steady line of people waiting to talk to us bloggers, which was great! The best part though? Listening to everyone's stories...

I met so many people with other very serious health problems - most of them I'd never heard of! And so many people were going through the seemingly never-ending adjustment of food allergies... I could feel their pain... I recognized the look in their eyes that said "I'm so incredibly sick and tired of all of this". It was great to be among my "peeps" and it was truly an experience. One woman listened to my story and was so moved that she started crying! Her daughter was about my age and she smiled, nudging her mother and said,"Mom, don't cry! She's obviously adjusting very well!" Her mother was so incredibly sweet and I was touched that a random person cared THAT much. It was an amazing feeling.

Fun Fact: I actually heard about the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo from my blogger-friend, Amanda, over at Celiac and Allergy Adventures

So, my day really started at 7:30am when my friend Michelle from Weekend Artist showed up to my house. I already had everything packed in the car, so we hopped in and drove down to the Gluten And Allergen Free Expo!

We arrived at 9 and I picked up my badge:


After figuring out where we were going to get situated in the Official Blogger Area, we set everything up:


And the fight against gluten and allergens began!


Then the crowds began filling the room:



I was at a table with two other awesome ladies - allow me to introduce Lauren from Epi Family and Elyse from MyKitchenShrink!


Lauren is a super sweet stay at home mom who loves to keep up her business and music skills with fun side projects. She has 2 young boys with anaphylactic food allergies and has a wealth of information to share with people who are adjusting to the same sort of situation. Her upbeat personality and passion for her family really bring out her true colors. Make sure to check her out!

Elyse is a passionate Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach who can turn your life around. Feeling the pain of developing allergies? She totally gets it because she has Celiac Disease herself! Not only that but you don't even need to leave your house! She can Skype with you in the comfort of your own home. Not a bad deal. Check out Elyse's website here.

I also finally got to meet Cindy from Vegetarian Mamma!! That was exciting! We had connected online prior to the expo and have been chatting back and forth ever since.


She's got tons of great vegetarian recipes with super fab photos to boot! I just love her personality - she's super fun yet down to earth! Great combo You MUST MUST MUST check out her blog and try some of her recipes!

Here's an excerpt from her blog:

My husband and I grew up eating meat but decided to make the switch to a vegetarian diet about 8 years ago. Our children have been raised vegetarian but since our youngest son has allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, soy and dairy, we focus more on vegan foods. We are interested in whole organic non-GMO products which are free of artificial flavors & colors.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Ann Ferguson, an Eco-Chic Makeup Artist & Whole Wellness Consultant!


Not only can she make you look beautiful, but she can teach you about "green" beauty and how to navigate the marketplace!

Learn more about why green beauty is important, how to read labels and how to choose safe, healthy makeup and skin care that is right for you!

Receive individualized product recommendations that I will tailor to your unique features, skin type, style and budget. Gain knowledge, confidence and a fresh approach to your beauty routine! You will receive:

- A hands-on makeup coaching session where you will learn my best pro techniques. - Step-by-step instructions to recreate your new looks at home. - A shopping list of beauty product recommendations selected especially for you. - Special discounts from select beauty brands that meet my Green Beauty standards. - The option to purchase a custom designed Green Beauty Routine Kit.

Check out her website here!

As you can see, yesterday was a busy yet incredibly awesome day for me! I got to sleep in this morning and soon, I think I'm going to go soak my feet in some hot lavender water...

Expect some product reviews from the Expo in the near future! ;-)