Ingredient Labels Through My Eyes

Chances are, if you catch me in the kitchen at the office, I'm standing there reading an ingredient label. Now that I have to read the label on everything, the ingredients mean something completely different than they did four years ago.

Take this bag of Glo-Worms for example...






When you're reading ingredient labels, keep the #1 rule in mind:

The ingredients are listed in descending order. So, that means out of all the ingredients, the amount of corn syrup is more than any other ingredient on the list - and so on and so on.

So as I'm reading through this, the first thing I notice is Food Starch-Modified:

Then I notice the Apple Juice Concentrate:

Next is the Titanium Dioxide:

Right after that one is Natural and Artificial Flavors:

And last, but not least are the Artificial Colors:

  • I've been reading that Europe is starting to ban these. I can see why as Red 40 is derived from coal (excuse me while I loose my cookies). I mean, doesn't that say enough?

My point is that we all need to start reading labels A LOT more. There's some really bad stuff out there!

And labels need to be MORE detailed... "modified food starch" just isn't enough. If one of my readers hadn't told me, I wouldn't even know that it has propylene glycol in it.

These are only SOME of my food label flags. What are YOURS?